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Country Format Title
    Cyber Core
    Cyber Cross
    Cyber Dodgeball
    Cyber Knight
    Daichikun Crisis - Do Natural
    Daisenpu Custom
    Daisenryaku II - Campaign Version
+ Darius Alpha
+ Darius Plus
    Darkwing Duck
    Davis Cup Tennis
    Davis Cup Tennis (The)
    De Ja
    Dead Moon
    Dead Moon Gessekai No Akumu
    Dead Of The Brain 1 & 2
    Death Bringer - The Knight Of Darkness
    Deden No Den
    Deep Blue
    Deep Blue Kaitei Shinwa
    Dekoboko Densetsu Hashiru Wagamanma
    Dennou Tenshi - Digital Angel
    Detana! Twin Bee
    Develo Magazine Vol. 1
    Develo Starter Kit - Assembler
    Develo Starter Kit - BASIC
    Devil Crash
    Devil's Crush
    Die Hard
    Digital Champ
    Don Doko Don
    Doraemon Meikyu Daisakusen
    Doraemon Nobita No Dorabian Night
    Doraemon Nobita No Dorabian Night
    Double Dragon II: The Revenge
    Double Dungeons
    Double Dungeons
    Double Ring
    Download 2
    Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari
    Downtown Nekketsu Soreyuke Daiundoukai
    Dragon Egg!
    Dragon Half
    Dragon Knight & Grafitti
    Dragon Knight II
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The PC-Engine Catalog Project Page

The PC-Engine Catalog Project Homepage is an experimental database and searching mechanism for finding and displaying all there is to know about games for the PC-Engine hardware. It is a work-in-progress - new features should be added on a regular basis.


January 28, 2002

  • Open to the public !
  • Fixed kanjiname, sort sequence publisher, distributor (and a few other fields) for all PC-FX games

January 26, 2002

  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs in the script and added some minor features
  • Added kanjiname and sort sequence for about 30% of PC-FX games
  • Condensed the news

January 24, 2002

  • After being down for 4 days, pcecp.com is back up (no thanks to propagation.net). We have re-opened for beta testing.
  • All PC-FX game scans are now on line -- several games did not work well with the capture equipment, so more in depth work will have to be done once I (Bt) get back from Sweden) in 2+ weeks

January 10, 2002

  • Finished updating game information & screenshots. Really.
  • Now, to do a few quick cross-checks of the data, and we're off to the races...

January 6, 2002

  • Continued updating game information & screenshots over the holidays: completed up to 'R'.
  • Bt finished cover art scanning for PC-FX games.

December 24, 2001

  • Cover art scanning finished for PCE games.
  • Updated game information & screenshots: completed to end of 'M'.

November 13, 2001

  • Returned after a several month break
  • Started getting better cover scans (Thanks, Bt)
  • Started updating more game info (games starting with 'H')

February 24, 2001

  • Updated game info (up to games starting with 'E')
  • Completed updating kanji names for PCE games
  • Fixed PHP script to display all screenshots with desired prefixes

February 1, 2001
  • Finished major part of script writing (display/customize/sort/search functionality)