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Country Format Title
    15-in-1 Mega Collection
    1552 Tenka Tairan
    1941 Counter Attack
    1943 Kai
    21 Emon
+ 3 x 3 Eyes Sanjiyan Hensei
    5-in-1 Famicom Collection
    6-in-1 Famicom Collection
    A. III
    Addams Family (The)
    Advanced V.G.
    Adventure Island
    Adventure Quiz Capcom World Hatena no Dai Bouken
    Aero Blasters
    Aero Blasters
    After Burner II
    Ai Cho Aniki
    Air Zonk
    Akiyamajin no Suugaku Misuteri- Hihou Indo no Honoo wo Sisyu Seyo
    Akumajyou Dracula X Chi no Rinne
    Alice In Wonderdream
    Alien Crush
    Alien Crush
    Altered Beast
    Altered Beast
    Alzadic - Summer Carnival '92
    Andre Panza Kick Boxing
    Ankoko Densetsu
    Aoi Blink
    Aoki Ookami To Shiroki Mejika
    Appare! Gateball
    Arcade Card Duo
    Arcade Card Pro
    Armed F
    Artist Tool
    Arunamu No Kiba
    Asuka 120% Maxima Burning Fest
+ Atlas (The) - Renaissance Voyager
    Atomic Robo-Kid Special
    Aurora Quest Otaku No Seiza
    Auto Crusher Palladium
    AV Poker World Gambler
    AV Tanjo
    Baby Jo the Super Hero
    Bakuden Unbalanced Zone
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PC-Engine Catalog Project Credits

David Shadoff

  • PHP programming and layout
  • Database definition / System design
  • PCE Screenshots
  • Data collection and updates
  • System Configuration

Bt Garner

  • Database definition / System design
  • System Configuration
  • PCE and PC-FX Cover Scans
  • PC-FX and PCE Screenshots
  • Data collection and updates
  • PHP and Perl coding

George Palamara

  • Data Collection
  • Miscellaneous Scans
  • Japanese Info
  • Without him, we could never have achieved complete information or collections
  • George, if you're out there please get in touch with us!
Hiroyuki Ito and Takumi Suidu
  • SJIS input of game titles from Hiroyuki's site At this location
  • Assistance with Japanese sort sequence and romaji
Mathieu Bardel (Aramis)
  • Contribution of Japanese "spine label" title graphic

Special Thanks to:

  • All the Beta Testers
  • David Michel (author of MagicEngine)
  • Zeograd
  • the PC Engine community around the world

Equpment used to create pcecp.com:

  • Cover Scans: HP ScanJet 5p
  • Capture Systems: Magic Engine, Dazzle VCD80 with a Dell Inspiron 8000
  • Image Processing: AiS Watermarking Software, Paint Shop Pro 7