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Dragon Spirit: Game Codes

Continues At the title screen hold I, press II, wait for a "clink." This gives two continues.
100 Continues At the title screen press D,R,SELECT,D,II,D,I,L,SELECT,U,I,II,I. Press RUN to start. If done correctly gives 100 continues.
Arcade Screen Hold SELECT, press RUN to reset 57 times for narrow screen gameplay.
Sound Test At the title screen press L,R,D,U,SELECT,L.
Special Gels In certain areas there is a Question Mark Gel which gives the effects of Power Wing (invincibility), Expander Spell (wide shot) and Reducer Spell (small dragon).
In stage 7, after all the spiders there is a square block on the right side. Bomb the very back.
In stage 8, just before the spears. When you reach this section you can take two paths. Take the left one. Bomb in the corner of the upside-down "L."


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