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Dungeon Explorer: Game Codes

Invincibility Enter the password "DEBDE/DEBDA" then press RUN+I. At "PASSWORD ERROR" press II and choose a character. Will also enable movement through most obstacles.
Second Ending Enter invincibility mode (above) then instead of choosing a character enter a password that will take you to a point in the game after Natas steals the Orb (AENIP/ BLKEE is one). Go sit on the empty throne.
Name Change Input CHECK NAMEA as password. This will allow you to input your name.
Princess To play as the Princess, JBBNJ/HDCPG or JOINJ/HFOHK
Weapon Control Enter HOMIN GAAAA for your password
Stage Select With invincibility code entered, walk into one of 15 bushes in front of Axis Castle. 1 is the left-most bush,15 is the farthest right.
1. Natas
2. Balamous Tower
3. Rotterroad (path to Judas)
4. Mistose Dungeon
5. Ratonix Dungeon
6. Reraport Maze
7. Rally Maze
8. Bullbeast
9. Melba Village
10. After Gutworm
11. Nostalgia Dungeon
12. Water Castle
13. Road to Cherry Tower
14. Stonefield
15. Karma Castle
Hidden Chars Play a one player game with the Bard, get over 50 HP and then go into the Hermit's House (second house to the West of Axis Castle) - you will then be transformed into the Hermit (yes, your HP will drain, don't worry, you'll get it back). [alternatively, you can enter IMGAJ MDPAI to play the level 1 "Harmit" - their typo, not mine]


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