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Kaze No Densetsu Xanadu: Game Codes

LEGEND OF XANADU (Dragon Slayer VIII) (Japanese)
Debug Mode At the title screen move the cursor to the middle item, press and hold Select, then press and hold Run (hold both through the "File Selection" screen), when the game starts you'll hear a chime (you can then release the keys). Now move to the right of this area, and you'll see a bunch of signs. The bottom 3 rows take you to various parts of the game, the first 3 on the top row are "hints." The second section on the top row (8 signs) do the following:
1: saves the debug file and exits the current game;
2-6: individualt cinemas;
7: lets you play all the action sequences (in order);
8: shows all the cinemas in a continuous loop.


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