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Mahjong Gakuen Touma Shiro Tojo: Game Codes

Final Stage At the title screen press Run, Left, Right, I, II, Left, Right, I, II.
Visual Viewer At the title screen press Run, Left x 2, Right x 2, I, II, I, II. This will start the viewer, then press each of the following, each key will advance one image: I, Left, Right, II, Up, Up, Left, II, Down, Right, II, I, Down, Up, Down, Run, II, I, Up, Run, I, Left, Right, Right, Up, Up, Up, Down, I, Left, Down, II, Run, Right, Down, Left, Right, I, Run.
Sound Monitor At the title screen press Run, I, I, Left, Right, II, II, Right.
Story Enemy Viewer At the title screen press Run, I, II, I, II, Right, Left, Right, Left.


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