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Somer Assault: Game Codes

Warp to Final Boss At the "Input your birthday" screen, hold Down and I and press RUN to warp to the final battle.
Sound Test and hidden Games At the "Input you birthday" screen, hold Up and I and tap the run button. You'll enter a sound test menu with multicolored Japanese text; this allows you to sample the music and sound effects from the game.
At the "sound test" menu, press SELECT, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, II, I. You'll enter a bizarre screen that flashes the color red, and you can alter the brightness and flashing rate by pressing the SELECT button to switch between the two. At the flashing red screen, press II, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, II, I. This puts you into a shootem-up game. Move with you control pad, and button II-shoots, and button I-releases a smart bomb.
Black & White Mode Start the first stage in Somer Assault and press SELECT 15 times while the game is in progress. Next, press RUN to pause, then hold I and press Up to change to "black & white" mode. Repeat the procedure to change back to color mode.
Infinite 1-UPs At any point during the action, pause and unpause 100 times. Once you've done that, you'll find that every enemy you shoot for the rest of the game will turn into a 1-Up icon.


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