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Takin' It To The Hoop: Game Codes

Beat computer 99-0 Make computer foul out all of his men except for 4 of them. Easiest & quickest way is to get ball in the bottom left-hand corner and push Run button right before he touches you. This results in foul (timing must be perfect to do this). When you're on the foul line make the first shot and miss the 2nd shot on purpose, then grab the rebound to repeat the process until you have 8 men fouled out.
Secret Options screen Choose mode select, then choose game select, then press I+II+RUN simultaneously. When options screen appears change the options using Select & I.
Secret mode At the title screen press and hold I+II, press RUN once to select players and once more to select type of game. Turning on certain numbers will do different things. In the select mode this is what the numbers do:
1. Flag over player 1 (American Flag)
2. Light bulb over player 2 or computer.
3. ?
4. Ending of tournament mode.
5. No music during game.
6. No crowd noise.
7. Keeps the scoreboard on screen during play.
8. ??


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