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Veigues Tactical Gladiator: Game Codes

Continue At the title screen hold I+II, then reset game. Repeatedly press LEFT-DOWN & SELECT (or hold them?) until "Continue Mode" appears on screen. Number of continues = Score (at time when 1st killed) divided by 1,000,000 points plus 3.
Easy Mode At the title screen RESET while holding I+II buttons simultaneously. Then repeatedly press RIGHT-UP & SELECT buttons (or hold them?) until title screen appears. If title screen says "Easy Mode", then your power is doubled, amount of units you get at end of stage is doubled.
Music Mode During play, hit I button & RESET (or after machine is first turned on?). Then press LEFT-UP & SELECT (or hold them?) repeatedly until title screen appears. To get back to game, press RESET.
Tip 10,000 point bonus if, after defeating the stage boss, you can enter the supply screen with full energy. For each additional boss you defeat with full energy, receive double previous points. 1st boss = 10,000 points, 2nd = 20,000, 3rd = 40,000, etc.
Difficult Mode Turn system on, press I, II, then reset the game (Run+Select) then hold Down/Right and Select.


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