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Bravoman: Game Codes

Secret 1-Ups In level 9 look for the second set of two stacked pipes. Crawl inside the bottom tube to get a 1-up in a multi-dimensional area. In level 20 find the statue in the middle of the stage and crawl into it for a similiar 1-up.
Continue As Bravoman is dying press RUN and II simultaneously.
Continue 2 (from same spot) Press & hold RUN after you die. A message will tell you that your life meter has been filled.
Secret Game At the title screen press II,SELECT repeatedly until secret game starts.
Continue With Luck Symbols At end of stage jump past Lottery Man.
Infinite Continues Play normally until EXACTLY 10,000 points. Kill game off. Don't continue, wait for title screen. At the title screen press U,R,D,L,II,SELECT,II,SELECT. Continue indicator should read infinite.


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