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Cadash: Game Codes

Special Items Amulet of dragon: Jump from rope into the rock on right and walk through rock located in continent four! Amulet gives you 65,535 gold. On ledge to top left of rope, there's a green dragon.
Secret Rooms Secret opening is a shortcut throught the fire rope area in continent four, which will take you safely through this section. Once you're through the fire rope area and have fallen from the cliff, walk through the wall on the right to find a life bell.

In final castle, look for invisible vines and platforms. These will lead to such useful items as the life bell and elixir. One such place is the chamber to the right of the princess, annother is on the lower levels of the castle. Every character can reach the vine, but the angle of jump will be different.

Continues At the title screen after game is over, press & hold I+II+D on thumb pad, then press RUN. This allows you to continue 3 times from beginning of the last stage you were on.
Special Password Simply enter your name as TORU and you'll start the game in the cave just past the first boss character with the maximum experience level of 20! To perform this trick in a two-player game, just enter the name TORU for both characters.


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