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Bt Garner

  • Original PCECP.com concept & implementation
  • PHP Coding and page layout (version 3)
  • Database design
  • Cover and packaging scans
  • Gameplay images (FX, PCE)
Dave Shadoff

  • PHP Coding and page layout (version 2 and 3)
  • Database design
  • Gameplay images (PCE)
Language Translations:
  • Kabuki (French)
  • Daniel Gunia (German)
  • Marcelo Reis Pinto (Portugese)
Other persons without whom PCECP.com would not exist:

  • George Palamara
  • Hiroyuki Ito
  • Takumi Suidu
  • Mathieu Bardel
  • David Michel
  • Zeograd
Technical info regarding PCECP.com:

  • Running on an Apache Web server.
  • Web Pages are written in PHP4.
  • Backend database is MySQL.
  • Remote editing via Emacs.
Equipment used to create PCECP.com:

  • Cover Scans: HP ScanJet 5p
  • Capture Systems: Magic Engine; Dazzle VCD80 with a Dell Inspiron 8000
  • Image Processing: AiS Watermarking Software, Paint Shop Pro 7
  • Local text Editing: PFEdit v1.01

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